Man-A-Fre 80 Series Front Control Arm Drop Brackets

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Man-A-Fre 80 Series Front Control Arm Drop Brackets

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In our opinion this is the best way to correct caster for the majority of uses of the 80 series when lifted from  2" up to 6". Not only will these brackets correct the front caster angle, but they will properly realign the front control arm to the vehicles frame. Why would this be important? Simple, the control arms on an 80 series not only position the axles in relation to the frame, they also transfer acceleration and braking force from the axles to the chassis. This angle or geometry determines how the vehicle reacts under acceleration, cornering, and braking. Trust us, Toyota spent a lot of time, and money, testing and engineering to determine the correct angles and geometry for the 80 series suspension. Is this perfect for everyone? No, if you're using your 80 series as a "rock buggy" you obviously have other concerns than how the vehicle handles and steers, but for the vast majority of us that use our 80 as a daily driver, suspension geometry determines if our vehicle is a joy to drive or a pain in the rear. These bracket kits are designed to drop the fixed end of the OEM front control arms  2",  3" or 4 inches and bring the caster back to stock alignment and into the center of the designed travel arc. On vehicles w/2, 3 and 4 inches of lift, stock bushings are retained in the control arms. On vehicles w/5-6 inches of lift, caster correction bushings can be used in conjunction with these brackets to properly realign the caster. One big advantage of these bracket kits is installation requires no drilling, no cutting, no welding,  the control arms can stay attached to the front axle, no press is required, consequently they are much easier to install than any other caster correction option. Sold in pairs as a set.

*Please note our FRAB caster brackets are designed for USA version 80 Series Land Cruiser which only where offered with an automatic transmission.
These brackets will not fit on vehicles with manual transmissions.

***Prices subject to change without notice***

FRAB-2 2 INCH Front Control Arm drop Brackets 90-97 FJ/ZJ80 $225
FRAB-3 3 INCH Front Control Arm drop Brackets 90-97 FJ/ZJ80 $245
FRAB-4 4 INCH Front Control Arm drop Brackets 90-97 FJ/ZJ80 $245
805CASTERKIT 5 INCH KIT Brackets w/ OME Caster Bushings $350
806CASTERKIT 6 INCH KIT Brackets w/OME Caster Bushings $350

Front Control Arm Bushing Kit
If you have installed offset front caster bushings, but are going to install our FRAB brackets and need to install non-offset rubber bushing where your control arms mount to your front axle we offer this kit with a set of 4 vulcanized rubber bushings to return the front bushings to stock configuration. If you want to do all 6 bushings on your control arms we offer a full control arm bushing kit as well.


***Prices subject to change without notice***
Shipping/handling charges are not included in the cost of parts and will be added when order is shipped
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4 Front Control Arm Bushings, Control Arms to Axle $60
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6 Front Control Arm Bushings, Control Arms to Axle and Frame $90