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Man-A-Fre 3FE Headers

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If you have a 3FE equipped Land Cruiser and are looking to maximize it’s performance. If you have taken the effort to build a 2FE Hybrid engine, or you’re simply a “motor head” and want your 3FE to perform to it’s ultimate potential, here is where to start. Our Tuned, Ceramic coated, equal length headers are one of the most effective modifications you can make. Our headers will maximize the performance and efficiency of any 3FE engine. This is one of the very rare modifications you can perform on your 3FE engine that will deliver
improved performance and efficiency at every rpm, and every throttle position. 

If you do not understand how good, quality headers work, read the following >>>>> 

Our flanges are blanchard ground to a thickness of .5925” to match the OEM intake manifold. The fact that our flanges are over ½” thick steel negates any of the typical problems associated with headers that use thin flanges that are prone to warping and leaking. By using a flange that is flat on the gasket contact surface, we are able to use an OEM type manifold gasket with these headers.

Our primary tubes are 1-3/8” ID. The reason we chose these dimensions is the basic design of the 3FE engine. These engines are designed to produce low to mid range torque, and our headers are designed to maximize this type of torque curve. From the immediate application of throttle at idle, all the way to the limit of the rpm band our headers improve performance and efficiency. Our design delivers the ideal length primary tubes, while keeping collectors and connecting pipes high in relation to the chassis. 

Although our headers will fit any 3FE engine, regardless of the body configuration it is in, we designed our headers to fit within the confines of the 62 series engine compartment. Our connecting pipes available in bare steel, connect directly to your OEM FJ62 catalytic convertors in their OEM location , and will remount your O2 sensors in their stock location, using stock gaskets. Your EGR pipe will also directly reconnect to our headers. Basically all your emission equipment can 
stay connected if you so desire. We also offer weld on connecting flanges for those that want to run these headers on other body style vehicles or want to custom build their own exhaust.

Ceramic coating for heat retention. Although ceramic coating tends to improve the looks of our headers the technical purpose is to help keep the exhaust heat in the exhaust system, not radiating into the engine compartment. Headers by the nature if their design have more surface area than the cast iron manifolds they replace. More surface area equals greater heat transfer potential. Ceramic coating slows this transfer and helps keep the heat in the exhaust system, which improves catalytic convertor efficiency.

3FE headers are sold as a kit that includes a new manifold gasket, and hardware for the lower connector flanges. Our connecting pipe kits include either bare steel pipes, seal ring gaskets for the pipes to OEM Catalytic convertors, new oxygen sensor gaskets, and bolts for the pipes to the cats. 
We now offer our 3FE Headers in bare steel. 

Disclaimer: These parts are designed for racing and off-road use only. They are not intended for use in lieu of factory emission control devices, and they are not legal for sale or use in California on pollution controlled vehicles.

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17100-3FE62 Tuned Ceramic Coated 3FE Header Kit SOLD OUT

17410-62CPKIT FJ62 Connecting Pipe Kit Bare Steel REG. $165

17100-3FBARE 3F/3FE Header Kit, Bare Steel, Not Ceramic Coated REG. $395 $299

17410-TIPS Weld On Connectors for Tuned Headers
$19.95 pair