Man-A-Fre FJ60 Catalytic Convertor Test Pipe Kit

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FJ60 Catalytic Convertor Test Pipe Kit 

Highslide JS

If you have an FJ40 or FJ60 built between 8/1980-8/1987 running a stock catalytic convertor, this kit will allow you to replace the cat with a straight through 2-1/2" pipe for testing purposes. If your vehicle is down on power and fuel mileage and ignition, carburetor and compression check out good, you could have a catalytic convertor that is restricting flow and needs to be replaced. Installing this pipe is an inexpensive test that will let you know if your cat is clogged without the high cost of a replacement catalytic convertor. Flanges have have recessed groove to retain sealing ring, kit includes, pipe, seal rings, grade 8 bolts, copper exhaust lock nuts.

***Prices subject to change without notice***
60TPKIT FJ60 Catalytic Convertor Test Pipe Kit
8/1980-8/1987 FJ40/60